TFC Engage | Horizon 2020
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Horizon 2020

The Horizon 2020 framework is the largest European Union research and innovation programme ever, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over a seven-year period from 2014 to the year 2020. TFC provide partners and customers with think-tank capability, feedback on research concepts, conduct proposal reviews and provide feedback on performance for ongoing H2020 projects and deliverables.

Moreover, our activities for H2020 proposal development incorporates the following:

  • Concept assessment, identify H2020, international and national funding sources,
  • Strengthen with think-tank, innovation and market outreach,
  • Manage and oversee the coordination and development of the proposal,
  • Form consortia in line with the vision of the CEO,
  • Plan, write and develop proposals with partner contributions,
  • Prepare budgets and administration details,
  • Join consortium as project manager, standardization manager, quality manager, market outreach manager, etc.,
  • Invite partners into applicable new proposals,
  • Invite partners onto applicable external advisory boards,
  • Pre-submission proposal reviews and assessment reports.

The listed undertaking is performed on a best efforts basis. We aim to strengthen our partners and customers proposition.


Helping to make science and research work for the community.