TFC Engage | What we offer
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What we offer

We are a well-regarded SME company engaged in the R&D ecosystems and collaborate with many of knowledge-based organizations across Europe nad Internationaly. As a result, we have developed a unique and varied expertise, which we use to solve real problems for our customers and partners.

Tailored made H2020 Consultation services:
We perform consultation tasks for H2020 proposals ranging from preparation, initiation, development, management, review and submission. Each request is taken on its own merit and is tailored-made on a per customer basis. In short, specific H2020 proposal tasks are packaged to meet the individual customer requirements. The package depends on many factors ranging from the customers experience in H2020 proposals, complexity of the call topic, creativity and management skill needs.
Each query and each proposal is assessed on its own merit.
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Engaged research:
We bring skills and competences into the ideas creation process, project management, standardization and more. We participate in H2020 projects as a partner and drive engaged research in areas such as project idea crystallization, project management, standardization development, scientific and market research, business model and plans, eTraining, validation and verification implementation, dissemination and communications campaigns, market out-reach activities, conference event and workshop management.

We support organizations from different backgrounds and sectors in the area of standardization. This includes theĀ engagement with standardization bodies andĀ  the development of standards.
Each query is assessed on its own merit.
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Helping to make science and research work for the community.