what we do

We operate in a manner to help and support our partners and customers to advance their research and innovation for the optimization of their processes, products, services and to improve business and market acceptance and academia engagement.

Horizon Europe

We bring much think-tank capability and know-how to different organizations, applying lateral thinking to partner and customer concepts to strengthen the proposition. Moreover, thanks to our individual and collective involvement and experiences the FP7, Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe framework programmes, we have many years of success in project management and proposal writing, which spans many scientific research areas and across different sectors. We also address national and international market and scientific research.


Thanks to our R&D activities, we continue to develop and expand our knowledge and skills base for the advancement of European and international standards. Our team, are principally involved persons on committees for national, European and International standardization.

Engaged Research

In line with our CEOs’ vision for meaningful research engagement and involvement with partners and customers, we bring much skills and competences into the ideas creation process, project management and supports, standardization development, scientific and market research implementation, business model and plans development, eTraining, validation and verification, strategic dissemination and communication planning and implementation, market out-reach activities, conference, event and workshop management as well as business partnering.

Communications and GoToMarket

We lead and support project out-reach activities including communications, dissemination and GoToMarket efforts. Each project is poised with different challenges and requires think-tank capacity coupled with a set of business and marketing skills to bring the results to the target audiences. The company delivers on this service. We are flexible for the level of the required effort for our engagements, often partnering with the management teams in both a quality management and dissemination and market leadership capacity. We develop and refine both the Communications and GoToMarket strategies. We deliver dissemination and exploitation plans, manage and organize conferences, events and workshops as well as social media management and direct engagement with the targeted markets and influencers. We aim to make a difference!